Hi, I am Haylee Brown.

Owner, Photographer, and Person

Hello everyone! I am originally from Texas but Kentucky stole my heart a long time ago. I have a passion for all kinds of things and I love to stay active. I chase toddlers for a living, drink coffee like it’s my drug, break out into dance and song all the time, laugh till I pee my pants, and love working on the side next to my better half doing something we both love. 

I first developed my love of photography as a kid when my mom picked it up as a hobby. Her eye for the art was amazing to me as I saw her images come to life. At first photography was something fun to do with my mom but then it soon turned into a hobby and passion. Working as an undercover superhero as a photographer and childcare provider I love all things education, kids, and photography. 

Loving all photography, I specialize in lifestyle and boudoir. I love listening to children's laughter as they are tickled by mommy. I love seeing the excitement and anticipation of engaged couples counting down to the big day. I love watching a fellow boss babe discover her inner and outer beauty as she lights the room with her smile. 

I can’t wait to meet you and discovery what beautiful person you are! I feel that each of my clients have touched my heart in one way or another and I can’t wait to capture memories with you.

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What They Have To Say

What They Have To Say

“Haylee is a true artist, and her photographs are always stunning! She cares deeply about each client, and puts one hundred percent into everything!”